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Save your tme and moeny. Avoid crime scene cleanup schools.

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One partial solution to county crime scene cleanup fraud against victims' families.




Crime scene cleanup school has three missions.

One, alert the public to local government corruption in the crime scene cleanup business. Tax payer money supports city and county employees' manipulation of crime scene victims' families. Families unwittingly follow civil servant directions to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Qualification

Two, alert the unemployed to avoid paying money to crime scene cleanup schools. There are no jobs because of the civil servant monopoly in crime scene cleanup.

Three, provide some information that may be of some use to someone, somewhere in need of crime scene cleanup training for free



Odors -- dangerous or another fiction to dig deeper into family and business pockets?


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This crime scene cleanup school web site has more to do with our writer's politics than business; can we honestly separate the two? What would Jesus say about county fraud against victims' families and crime scene cleanup school scams? How crime scene cleanup really works.

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"Truth happens to an idea. It becomes true, is MADE true by events." William James


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I qualify these remarks here as I do elsewhere. Not all county or city employees take part in cronyism, partner fraud against families. For sure, most would ignore an offer to take part in a conflict of interest. The offending civil servants' numbers are few, their fraud great.

I've exposed coroner and public guardian fraud Orange County, California with numerous web sites, family confirmations, and perpetrator admissions. . I hope to end county government employees' victimization of homicide and suicide victims' families. return

School Narrative

Families Victimized a Second Time

Orange County victims of violence become victims again as they're swindled by county coroner's employees, public guardians, and others. I worked for Orange County for over 12 years, Orange County corruption causes me to wonder what went on while I was an employee. I suspected, actually knew, that some employees abused our overtime system, but I didn't know about other abuses. I call this Orange County Fraud by this name, "Orange County Cronyism."

This type of cronyism costs families thousands of dollars when it should cost hundreds of dollars, most often. Some families do not have homeowners insurance, but are coaxed to use county employee referred, monopoly, companies. Some families have homeowners insurance and do not know if it covers this type of cleaning service. Some think that their insurance will cover cleaning and it does not; still, others discover that their insurance covers some, but not all of their county employee's monopoly cleaning company costs.

Other counties across the United States have employees abusing their duties in the same way. Many web sites and many telephone calls from across our country went in to deducing, hearing, and seeing these activities in Orange County, California. Web sites (2,000) unvailed similar corruption nationwide. I sold space to other companies.

Priming Clients for the Shakedown

David knew from experience that he needed to reach prospective county referred clients in their homes. Once there, he could mystify them with all sorts of bogus information. As liars go, he knew his stuff. He insisted that an "improperly cleaned" homicide, suicide, or unattended death could spell ruin for a family's health. With their homeowners' insurance, he would ensure that his company would care for their needs by using "certified" crime scene cleaners. ("Certified" means that they have taken the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) bloodborne pathogen training course. A two to four hour course for $20 to $50.)

Plus, David promised that the Quinns would never pay their deductible. His company would create an invoice showing that the Quinn's paid their insurance deductible up front. The Quinn's had no way to know that David had no biological or ecological training in microbiology. His qualifications arose from attending a short, half-day course on the nature of bloodborne pathogens and disease transmission by needle stick, unsafe sex, and risky types of behavior on the job. As far as the deductible goes, David's company would place a lien against the Quinn's home. If the homeowners insurance policy failed to pay or pay the full amount, a collection agency would follow.

David's career as a liar began early in life; it usually does for sociopaths. By age 5 his skills at using a liar's mask on his face worked well at home and school. Confrontations with his beguiled parents did little good. They gave up on honesty as a virtue early in his life. So it came that he received rewards for lying successfully to his parents. This way their lives had less turmoil, more peace and quiet. Now in the world on his own and three decades to hone his deception skills, many people would unknowingly buy into his flimflam. He would have done well as a carpetbagger in our post, Civil War south.

David showed the Quinn's a beautifully laid-out, authentic, biohazard cleanup certificate that the Quinn's would soon own. For their part, they needed only to sign on the bottom line. Then the work could begin to return their loved one's bedroom to its previous condition.

David had outdone himself on this presentation. His guys spent two days in the Quinn's bedroom bumping about while mystifying the Quinn's in their bunny suit work clothing. Every few hours they came out of the room to "break" and then returned 20 minutes later. In this way they jacked up their company's fees to thousands of dollars. As a result, not only David, but his cousin at the Orange County Coroner's Department did well. Coroner's employees received a 10 percent referral fee. This came to $1,200.00 for one telephone call, and giving the Quinn's directions to one of three cleaning companies..

Whether or not the Quinn's insurance company covered the entire cleanup remains unknown. For certain, with the lean against the Quinn's home, which the Quinn's had unknowingly signed, David stood to make his mark in Orange County's crime scene cleanup crony business.


School - A Waste of Money

Crime Scene Cleanup Schools: A waste of your money. County employees have a monopoly over homicide, suicide, and unattended death. This happens when they make first contact with families and businesses. They take these opportunities to mislead these same people. You don't stand a chance. It does not matter what crime scene cleanup school that you go to. They all cheat you by not telling you the truth. Your local government employees have control over crime scene cleanup jobs. Save your money. Go to a real school. Or, go to a real trade school for real training.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A CRIME SCENE CLEANUP SCHOOL. Get the job first. Then your employer will train you. Few jobs exist anyway. Your county government has a monopoly over this business that belongs in free enterprise, not the hands in county and city employees.

I will soon begin adding more information for those who must do their own cleaning. Avoid county and city employee scams to get your money. Never sign a lien on your house for this type of cleaning. Stay tuned. Today is June 6. It will take some time from now to make this web site worthy of reading closely. I hope that it serves as a cleaning school for those in need. It will have material for those readers interested in reading, writing, critical thinking, and professional cleaning.


Starting a Business

Unless you know someone in local government, your prospects for starting your own crime scene cleanup business are few. I say it again, "Your local government employees probably have a monopoly over your county's biohazard cleanup opportunities. You must break their monopoly if you expect to begin your own business." Even a call to your coroner's department will not lead to the truth of the matter. That is, do not expect a crony employee to tell the truth. Also, not all employees know that families are sent to corrupt cleaning companies. They share the same trust in their civil servants that we do, only we know better now.

To start your own business, you need a life situation something like what follows:

  • A friend or family member in local government,
  • An income producing business allowing for an add-on business,
  • A motivation to market your business with up to and beyond 1,000 web sites. (I had 2,000 at one time.)
  • A large chunk of money that you are willing to lose in an unfortunate investment.

As for a family member in local government (usually there by nepotism), it does not seem likely you would have read this far with such a life situation.

As for a primary incoming producing business, many carpet cleaners and water damage restoration companies have gone this route and survive. Some have successfully bribed civil servants for death cleanup referrals at 10 percent. Those companies charging families and businesses the most usually prevail in this business arrangement. Obviously, their 10 percent kickback are larger because they gouge families for more.

As for motivation, it seems unlikely that most people will develop need software skills and knowledge, let alone spend tens of thousands of dollars on Internet marketing. Your skill base will include web page building, ranking skills and analysis, and a willingness to spend many hours writing content. You must like to read and write, in short.


California requires a freezer for blood soiled materials awaiting medical waste transfer service (Stericycle). Texas has no requirements at the moment, although it must comply with federal guidelines set by OSHA. Florida has a vehicle requirement for biohazard transfer from death and trauma scenes to storage and disposal sites. So see how different states have different requirements.

Government Fraud

Today we find some people have a little difficulty recognizing Orange County, California's cronyism in the Sheriff-Coroner's Department. It does exist. A visit to Orange County Fraud will explain how county employees abuse victims of crime and suicide. Likewise, Orange County Consumer Fraud shows how consumers of homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup services find coroner's employees ready to cheat them. As shown on pages at Coroner Fraud, coroner's employees send grieving families to crony blood cleanup companies. In return, these companies give a kickback to coroner's employees. This local government corruption comes down to who readers believe.

Do they believe me, Eddie Evans, or the Orange County Sheriff's Department? Who stands to profit from misleading the public? How would I profit by spending my time writing about coroner fraud on my many web pages, day-in and day-out, month after month? When a person has hundreds of web pages advertising their services in a county, they ought to receive several telephone calls a year, at least. I receive one at best in twelve months. Orange County Coroner Fraud covers much of these arguments. In short, Orange County's Sheriff-Coroner's employees keep a monopoly over homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup.

A Simple, Partial, Inexpensive Remedy

Public Notice

Employees to not refer to cleaning companies. Please do not ask. County policy does not cover employee liability for referring to private companies.

The County Board of Supervisors


A simple, partial remedy calls for posting public information signs in public places. Likewise, county documents would carry a message. Such messages would assure tax payers that their county employees would never care to offer business referrals. "So please do not ask." A more powerful remedy would entail incarcerating those county and city employees involved in breaking their conflict of interest pledges.




My Advice About School

Instead of trying to find an easy way out of the minimum wage working world the easy way, through a crime scene cleanup school, do the real work. Find a public school, a community college, and work your way through a nursing school. Also, a community college offers excellent training in auto and diesel mechanics. For certain, auto mechanics becomes more complex every day. It also becomes an important area for earning a decent income while applying a life long learning attitude. Learn the skills needed for the future in transportation and you will find work and income above the average. You must go to school to do so; not a so-called crime scene cleanup school, but a real school with genuine training that takes more than a couple years. A school that gives you the skills, knowledge, and abilities that you need to continue with school as technology changes.


I cannot recommend any private schools for trades and professions because of business fraud in school programs. Here's why:


Our federal government now gives money to private schools, so-called universities, too. These schools are diploma mills.

With tax payer money, these "schools" loan money to their students. Now the students give the money back to these private schools, which are financed by our tax dollars. Students then pay off these loans. But they do not find jobs in their career field. Why not? Because they receive a diplomas from a diploma mill. That's right. They sell diplomas, not education. Students come out of these schools owing tens of thousands of dollars. They still have no real skills to sell, just a piece of paper.

Many of these schools do not even teach students about the number line. Some of these schools do not teach students about the pH scale.

Other Training Resources

A few Internet web sites offer bloodborne pathogen training for $20. This will qualify you to cleanup blood for profit. Each state and county has their own requirements.


A concept forged from flexible synaptic tissue.ed evans