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Crime scene cleanup school's primary subjects include civil servant fraud against grieving families, and crime scene cleanup training (school) businessws deception, chisling.



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  Created by Eddie Evans to fight faud against bereaved families and job seekers.  

Citizen Alert!

  In defense of victims' families and free enterprise - -  



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Crime Scene Cleanup School Narrative



Warn others about county and city employee referred businesses of any type.


A Qualification


What follows relates to a very small percentage of civil servants, including law enforcement. In fact, badges are hardly halos and worn by people doing their best, most often. Those wearing law enforcement badges pledged to "serve and protect." It happens that a very tiny percentage, say 0.001, take advantage of their positions -- especially homicide detectives.


Be that as it may, the majority of decetion by civil servants in crime scene cleanup related business occurs in coroner, medical examiner, and county administrator (public guardian - - probate court related) departments.)

What this means: short version; long version

long version

If you came here after reading google crime scene cleanup school, here's the reason for the sign. It's to alert you to your county government's part in fraud against bereaved families.

You need this information. You need to know that your local government now supports a corrupt mentality, not unlike those in Russia's local governments.

It begins with federal government legislation to protect medical workers and others against needle stick in the work place. Cronyism (civil servant self-enrichment from their tax payer paid positions) soon spread in local government agencies. Companies began paying hugh payoffs to civil servants that sent families to them for crime scene cleanup services: homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup. This arrangement has now metastasized into a growing racketeering structure throughout the USA.

And this is why you read my sign. I ask that you demand your local governments to post signs in their offices. Warn the public against civil servants offering business services of any type. I've fought this corruption in our government as a consumer advocate for death cleanup a long time. I'm left little alternative in this fight to protect free enterprise, but to ask others to share this information. Who knows what else our civil servants are doing to us? Eddie Evans - Orange County, California

short version

  • Civil servants (tax payer supported employees) direct families to private companies for money.
  • Civil servants (tax payer supported employees) direct families to their own private companies.
  • Civil servants gain unearned income from family and insurance company wealth.
  • Civil servants gain political power by bribing elected city and county politicians, bureaucrats, and other civil servants.
  • Civil servants spread their control of crime scene cleanup to other cities, counties, and crime scene cleanup companies.
  • Civil servants now have gained footholds in cities and counties across the US for self-enrichment and political power.
  • Civil servants now lobby for greater control in new, yet to be realized methods.
  • Civil servants now resemble Tijuana civil servants and Russian cronies.



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